Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Adwords - Powerful advertisement online

 Adwords is a great service for online  advertisement. The best thing about adwords is when you invest 1000 you get 3000 – 4000 back as business. Yes it works Exactly as mentioned , sometimes it get more benefit then this, but if you make the full use of features available in adwords.
Adwords Provide two types of advertisement

#1 Search Network
Search network is the advertisement in search results on Google. The normal way to get top listing in search engines is Seo but with adwords you can temporarily get to the top of the list and attract more visitors, which probably be your clients. In Search Network we can create text ads.

 The below image explains what is search network ads.

#2 Display Network
The Ads shown on relevant web pages that match your keywords are Display network Ads which are conducted through a program called Adsense. Display Network Carries various analysis and then keep ads on the sites that are Google partners. For display network both image and text ads can be created and displayed.

The below image explains what is display network ads.

You Can Try Adwords by getting a free trial coupon of INR, 2500 in India(May vary in other countries)
Sign Up On Adwords. Enter Billing Information and ask adwords for a trial coupon in help and support. You will enjoy using it and surely continue with it. We also get trial coupon of 105$ from Google analytics, but that is not assured. Better you can ask adwords for a coupon.

However this article is for the one who is new to adwords. More informative articles about improving avg position, manual bidding vs auto bidding, conversion rate, etc. coming soon.


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