Saturday, 18 August 2012

Get Unlimited Money In Need For Speed Most Wanted

This article is to share the trick to get unlimited money innfs mostwanted. Yes you read right unlimited means you get 999,999,999 in a couple of minutes.

Lets go through this trick with the following steps:

#1  You will be needing a software called cheat engine it is just 4 – 5 mb you can download it @ . The latest one will be just fine.

#2  Start Nfs mw. Load your game in carrer mode.

#3  Check the amount of money. Remember it. And suppose it is xxxx now.

#4  Press alt + tab and start the software cheat engine 6.2 which ever version you have.

#5  Select a process by clicking the first icon on the top left.As show in the pic below . The icon is surrounded by red.

#6  Check for need for speed most wanted in the list and click open.

#7  Enter the amount of money you had before minimizing the game in the value box as shown in the pic. The box is surrounded by red. (Mine number in the pic is xxxx as assumed you enter your amount you had.)

#8  Then press new scan. You will see many results with the number you entered. Now leave it as it is.

#9  The start the game and spend some of your amount. I mean We need to change your amount . Doesn’t matter buy anything . Anything like paint, rim , etc. Anything.

#10  Check your money now after buying and remember it.

#11  Again Minimize the game with alt+tab.

#12  Enter the new value where you entered the previous one.

#13  Now select next scan.(do not use “new scan” option this time.)

#14  This time you will get only one result in the with the amount you entered.

#15  In the bottom nelow memory view option you will see the same value mentioned in the list above.Right click the value in the bottom and select change record their yo have an option as value select that. Now enter your desied amount that you want to be the price money of yours in the game nfs mw.Then press ok.

Note: The amount can’t be above 999,999,999 . I think this much amount should be enough for you to enjoy the game to its extreme levels.

This trick works 100% Verified by me. More tricks to come for this game and many more games.


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