Saturday, 15 September 2012

Traffic Exchange Tools

Traffic exchange tools are a source of getting traffic. The traffic we get from these tools is fake traffic or one can say a dragging junk traffic to your website.

Using these tools can be useful sometimes and also harmful other times.

Well if you have a well established website which quite old and its very well known by  Google or the other search engines than you don’t need to use any traffic exchange tools. They nay harm your website. As Google algorithm is being very strict these days.

The bounce rate of the traffic received from these tools is very high. The more percentage of high bounce rate is considered as spam by google.So I prefer to not use these traffic exchange tools for you well established sittes. No one really bothers to see or read the content of your site among the people exchanging traffic.

When it comes to a new website these tools are very efficient.  A new website is not very well known on search engines. When you use these tools and drag traffic specially from us than google gives a bit of attention to your site.

PR is also affected by traffic. I have read many article on internet sayiong google PR depends only and only on the number of backlinks. But I say No. I completely disagree with them.

I performed SEO on a new domain” “ its around 3 months old now . A month ago it got a PR 4. I used “” a tool for traffic exchange . The traffic I got was all from us. I use this tool.

I compare another website “” which is above 5 months old domain. Has a more number of backlinks than the above mentioned ecommerce domain. And also its older domain. I didn’t use any tools for this. Just seo is being performed. This has 3 PR.
It can be easily recognised that Traffic exchange tools helps getting Google PR.


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